Daily Schedule

8:50 – 9:30 Drop Off and Outdoor Fun!
9:30 – 9:45 Gather and get ready for our day
9:45 – 10:15 Morning Meeting Kickoff
10:15 – 11:00 Create, Explore, Discover – Classroom Learning Centers
Science – Handwriting Without Tears – Math – Art – Sensory – Dramatic Play – Blocks – Snack
11:00 – 11:30 Polar Bear Team Gathering – Story and related Language activity
11:30 – 12:00 Mystery! (Small Group Activity in Handwriting, Language, Social, Math or Science)
12:00 – 12:30 Lunch and Library (Book Buddies)
12:30 – 1:00 Polar Bear Rewind – Summarize and discuss our day’s activities and topic information (Music and Group Game will also be rotated in!)
1:00 – 1:30 Create, Explore, Discover – Classroom Learning Centers
Manipulatives – Writing Center – Free Art – Listening Center – Blocks
1:30 – 2:00 Outdoor Fun and Dismissal


  • Nancy has a heart of gold. She helped my daughter Peyton gain confidence by the attention she paid to her. The eye contact and time she gave to Peyton made her feel like she was the only child in the world. Nancy would listen to Peyton talk about camp, fish, cats, or any topic that was on her mind. I knew at those times you had a million things you could be doing, but you never showed her that. Thank you for being the kind of teacher and person that we all strive to be.

    Meredith Woerz
  • I think she is an awesome teacher because she makes learning fun.

    Heath Barry (student)
  • It is impossible to say enough good things about Nancy and the positive impact she has on her students. Her high energy and love of learning is contagious. She is the epitome of an effective teacher. We know this firsthand because our children still talk about their interactions with Nancy and how much they enjoyed being in her class.

    Jon and Kim Barry
  • I love her. When she smiles, it lights up my world. She is an awesome teacher because she takes such good care of her class. I want to be in her class forever. 

    Winter Keene (student)
  • Nancy is absolutely the best. If I had to describe her in two words they would be “amazing” and “incredible.” I tell everyone I meet that, YES, they should enroll their child in TT’s 5 program because their child will be nurtured for an entire school year by the most incredible, loving, attentive, dedicated, and hardworking professional. From the amount of time and effort she puts into her lesson plans, to the photo she posts on the class Facebook page, to the amazing weekly write ups she emails the families, her enthusiasm for her work and the love for each child shines through and touches each member of our family. She knows each child so well – likes and dislikes, strengths and growth areas and works to foster a room in which they all can be nurtured to grow into the best that they can be, completely ready for life beyond TT. She makes learning fun and inspires each child to genuinely love what they are learning. She is also incredibly focused on “kindness” which is so important for kids of this age and acts of kindness have come home as well. There is no better kindness learning tool than “Code Polar Bear” or the “Auntie Clause” unit and the number one phrase that has come home and stuck with us all is: “There are no bad people. Just good people who make bad choices.” We want to thank Nancy for all that she has done for our son and our family; she has inspired us, taught us, and loved us and we couldn’t love her more.

    Melanie Keene
  • I feel so blessed that Dominic was able to experience a teacher like Nancy. She has an amazing way of nurturing the skills of every student and bringing out the best in them. She has a way of guiding him to make great choices and discover new things in a way that boosts his confidence and shows him he can solve any problem.  He did not just learn facts or skills in her class but learned to trust his own abilities and always take a shot to figure things out. I cannot think of anything more important a child could learn. She inspires their imaginations and fosters their kindness toward others and unites them as a team to show them the strength of working together. I will always be grateful for the time Dominic spent with you in his life and for all that it taught him.

    Talia Silvestro
  • Miss Ferullo was my favorite teacher. She was soooooo nice! She really actually played with me a lot. We had so much fun. I would thank her for teaching me how to read.

    Wes Evans (student)
  • I feel so lucky that my son Wes was taught by Nancy two years in a row. He had a such a special bond with Miss Ferullo and she always connected so well to her students. Wes entered kindergarten already knowing how to read and I owe that all to Nancy. She engages with her students and gets on their level and makes learning so fun for them. She is an invaluable asset to Toddlertime! 

    Erica Evans
  • Nancy Ferullo is a name as famous in our house as JFK or Taylor Swift. If I mention this name, my youngest two children will look up from whatever they are doing to see what will follow because it’s always something good. Most days I would find an excuse to walk my children into the building instead of using the car line so that I could linger for a few minutes and bask in the glow of this magical being. I got it. I knew why they loved Miss Ferullo so much. I understood why they couldn’t wait to go to school every morning. I also know that no teacher has since quite measured up.

    M.E. O’Connor
  • Nancy Ferullo is one of a kind.  She is special like unicorns are special, she sparkles and shines and makes people happy, the only difference is she is real.  She genuinely cares about each child like they are her own; having the unique ability to connect to kids and draw them into her magical world of fun and learning.  She makes a classroom fun to be in, where kids work as a team learning and building strong bonds, evolving to the next level while maintaining their curiosity. Nancy is the teacher we will never forget; she will always be that one teacher who pops up in memories as the years progress. 

    Martha Bases
  • Nancy has a special way of inspiring every child to do their best. She connects with them all and they adore her. She’s a real treasure.

    Julie Bennett
  • Ending Sajan’s years at Toddlertime with Nancy was such an amazing blessing for our family that even our girls, who didn’t have her, still remember her.  She got Sajan and knew what made him tick and when I told her that he was a little nervous about starting Kindergarten, she offered to take him out for ice cream to just chat with him.  He has now, with such confidence, entered Saxe and still remembers his beloved Ms. Ferullo.  She is truly, truly special, born to work with kids.

    Sapna Shaw
  • Nancy is a gift to each child she teaches. Clara, now age 9, still remembers Nancy calling her “dazzling”. What a rarity; a teacher who makes each child feel seen, heard, and appreciated. Nancy, thank you. You make more of a difference than you will ever know, and you are dazzling:) 

    Janee Heizer Hunter
  • We were so very lucky to have Caroline experience the magic of Nancy Ferullo for her last year of preschool. Nancy’s love of teaching was contagious – her creativity, enthusiasm and love of children made Caroline’s “Dinosaur” year one of her favorites. She still has her Auntie Claus key as a treasured memory and (in her words) Nancy ranks as one of her top all-time favorite teachers.

    Melissa Coffman