Social Butterflies 18 months +

2-Day: Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 – 11:00am

 A nurturing and social environment without a parent. Children will begin to navigate the classroom and social relationships.


2-Day: Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 – 11:30am
 3-Day: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9 – 11:30am OR 9-12:00pm

Children take their first steps towards independence as they join our nurturing classrooms without a parent and begin to build their own social relationships. A four to one student to teacher ratio makes sure they get all the attention they need. As the largest and most established 2’s program in New Canaan, our experience is what makes us different.


3-Day: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9 – 12:00pm
5-Day: Monday – Friday 9 – 12:00pm
Lunch and afterschool enrichment available until 2pm

Our 3’s continue taking steps towards independence with an emphasis on self-help skills and problem solving.  A warm, supportive environment with a five to one student to teacher ratio ensures an opportunity to explore with an emphasis on pre reading and writing skills. The 3’s begin to take advantage of our in town location with many walking excursions to round out their curriculum.


5-Day: Monday – Friday 9 – 1:00pm
Lunch and afterschool enrichment available until 2pm

In our 4’s we focus on kindergarten readiness which includes both academic and life skills. The interests of our children really drive the curriculum while the teacher intentional embeds learning skills. As part of their units of study, the children take excursions to enhance their learning. A six to one student to teacher ratio begins to prepare our children for future classrooms.


5-Day: Monday – Friday 9 – 2:00pm
(Only for those who have completed a fours program)

Parents choose an extra year of preschool for many different reasons but everyone benefits from the decision. The 5’s pick up where the 4’s left off taking all they know and applying it in different ways. This is a year of greater independence, problem solving, confidence building and strengthening individual skills through more tailored activities. With a six to one student to teacher ratio, the 5’s benefit from a challenging curriculum with individualized attention that allows them to engage in learning while experiencing success. This is a decision you won’t regret!

When the school day is complete – the fun continues. Daily lunch is offered from 12-1 then enrichment from 1-2 with a full schedule of creative, educational and fun activities. Additionally, a few days a week from 2-3 our Pre-K and 4’s classes are given the opportunity to stay for enrichment. Learn more.
When school is closed, we offer fun-filled themed days for complete with a full schedule of dynamic activities. Learn more.
Our fun themed weeks make summer fun for everyone. Accepting children aged 2-5. Meet our staff.

Field Trips

We believe that hands-on sensory and experiential learning engages the whole child. Children achieve a better understanding of their lessons by experiencing them through all their senses. We encourage children to feel, hear, see, smell and touch as well as read and write about their experiences. Beyond the classroom, children explore the local community and participate in enrichment programs brought to school to further discovery and learning. Our in town location is ideal for exploring the community!

In house field trips have included visits from: Dinosaur Rock, Ms. Karen, Fire/Medical/Police Professionals, Eco Farm, Farmer Barbara, Dentist, Bee Keepers, Service Dogs, Animal Embassy, Bungles the Clown, Bubble Shows, Critter Caravan, Old Faithful and others

Field trips in our community include visits to Mrs. Greens, Walter Stewarts, Apple Picking, Fire Station, Train Station, Apple Picking, New Canaan Nature Center, New Canaan Historical Society, Rosie’s, New Canaan Library, Beaches, Bruce Museum, Stamford Arboretum, Stamford Nature Center, Wolf Conservation Center, Muscoot Farm and more


Our students also enjoy regular special classes which may vary from year to year. Specials may include music, movement, gym, yoga, Spanish and science.

The mission of Toddlertime’s educational program is to provide a foundation for success in life. With this goal in mind, we have been inspired by leaders of education, business, and health fields to create an educational program that not only prepares children for later success in school but also develops key skills which will serve children throughout life.

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