Toddlertime offers a large variety of after school enrichment. Classes vary year to year depending on the interest of the children, parents and teacher skill set. These programs are optional (additional fees apply). Programs run September to January and January to June but you can join at any time at a prorated amount. Enrichment clubs are open to the public.

In addition to lunch from 12:00 – 1:00pm, we offer the following daily enrichment programs from 1:00 – 2:00pm and additional programs from 2-3:00pm for our school aged children.

Enrichment Activities



DIY is the name of the game. You won’t believe what your children can create in a “crafternoon”. Decorate, collage or decoupage, we will craft to our hearts content.

Build it

Children’s imaginations run wild as they dream up what to build. Will it be a pirate ship, tree house, catapult or castle? Both long and short term builds with a variety of materials. The teacher facilitates and inspires but the children lead the way!


Animal Kingdom

Lions, reptiles and furry creatures- OH MY! Few things intrigue our children more than exploring the animal kingdom. We will turn over rocks and leaves to see what creatures we uncover and explore both domestic and wild animals. We will have several animal visitors during this program.

Discovery Lab

From seasonal science to the alpahbet, this program will explore our world with a hands on, multisensory approach.


Sports of All Sorts (4’s only)

Why not have your little ones join us to learn all about sports! We will play games to improve our skills with a focus on good sportsmanship and fun.

Book Worms

Using a book as inspiration, the sky is the limit. We may read If You Give a Moose a Muffin and make muffins or It’s Not a Box and build a space ship or Ada Twist, Scientist and make potions. No two weeks will be the same but each week will have a book and a corresponding project.


Make a ???

What will we make? We can make slime, a masterpiece, a snow globe or maybe a pizza. Each week we will make something different. We will use books to inspire us and collaborate with the students about what to make


Through art, music, food and language your children will learn basic Spanish. You’ll be surprised by how fast they absorb another language and culture! This is a special 10 week session starting in October.


Game Time

Come move and groove with us as we use our gross motor skills to experience different tempos and rhythms using egg shakers, rhythm sticks, marching, dancing and more.