Our Mission

The mission of Toddlertime’s educational program is to provide a foundation for success in life. With this goal in mind, we have created an educational program that not only prepares children for later success in school but also develops key skills that will serve them throughout life. Beyond creating academic achievement and life skills, we are committed to encouraging each child to develop as a unique individual.

Developmentally appropriate learning outcomes are met through opportunities and support for children to make decisions, take risks, develop compassion, work collaboratively as both a leader and a team player, persevere when challenged, take responsibility for their actions, and act with integrity.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Toddlertime is to provide exciting, innovative and active learning experiences in a secure and nurturing environment. Our goal is to explore an idea from multiple perspectives with the help of real-world experts, tools and experiences, collaborate on projects driven by their curiosity, and share their findings with the world. Research tells us that rich curriculum and skill development are best delivered through carefully planned and facilitated play where learning goals are intentionally embedded. Together with families we are partners in developing young minds and character in such a way that will serve as a solid and meaningful foundation for later learning and also for life success.

Research tells us that all learning takes place though social relationship and discourse. We strongly believe that for the child, this discourse is around play – and that play brings great joy to the learning experience. The teacher’s job is to inspire, facilitate, and mediate play opportunities for children so that learning does in fact occur through this medium. It is through provocation, project work, and staged center-based exploration that children will engage in constructive and meaningful play.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum was developed by a team that included the program directors and education consultant following collaborative work to identify program values with all teachers.   This curriculum is a living document that will change as new research and practices in the field of early childhood education emerge, and will also reflect current legislation that affects program operation and curriculum requirements.

The curriculum was written to guide decision making around program planning and implementation rather than dictates specific activities, schedules, and procedures. It is not intended to be a comprehensive prescriptive curriculum – instead it allows teachers to think creatively and with flexibility in order to use fresh, emergent, and continually evolving activities and strategies to meet the guidelines and criteria outlined within. Teachers are free to adjust to child interest and ability in order to effectively meet the best practices, content standards, and performance indicators around which this document was written. Teachers are encouraged to be innovative, to think “outside the box,” and to take risks for the purpose of making children’s learning experiences exciting and extraordinary in order to fulfill the mission and philosophy of Toddlertime.