Summer Fun at Toddlertime

Toddlertime offers a flexible, drop off summer camp for campers turning two by December of the summer enrolled until they enter kindergarten. We offer a low camper to counselor ratio in a safe and nurturing environment led by experienced early childhood professionals trained in CPR and First Aid.

Our summer program is rich in exploration, imagination and creativity.  You won’t find boring old themes such as “Under the Sea”. Instead, our themes are intentionally open-ended to allow campers to enjoy play without an end goal in mind and to give the counselors freedom to tailor it towards the interest of their group

Camp Sessions

Summer Camp 2021 begins June 21st and runs through August 6th
Ages 18 months through 6 years old

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Camp Dates and Themes:

Outdoor Art Blast (Week 1 June 21June 25)

Join us for a laid-back, high energy, art adventure where campers will explore the arts in a messy, multi-sensory environment. We’ll explore art, tinkering styleengaging, open-ended and unconventional. Picture exploding paint filled Alka-Seltzer rockets, life size sculptures and a giant pendulum for creating masterpieces on the playground. Don’t be surprised if your camper comes home with paint in their hair!

Pop Fizz Academy (Week 2 June 28  July 2)

Indoors and outdoors, we’ll explore the world of science with hands-on investigation. If it fizzles, pops or flies, it’s a contender for this camp. Campers will mix concoctions, make balls float, launch rockets and explore chemical reactions.

Once Upon a Time (Week 3 July 6  July 9)

Children will explore books based on their age group with related activities including art, cooking, science and movement that will bring the books alive. There’s no limit to the fun and learning we can have based on books.

Chopped@Toddlertime (Week 4 July 12- July 16)

This week playing with your food is allowed (sorry Mom & Dad). Through cooking, art, literature, science and dramatic play, campers will have fun with food! From tie dye cookies to exploding milk, this session promises to expand our little chefs’ imagination about what can be done in the kitchen.

Out of the Box (Week 5 July 19 – July 23)

Camper’s imaginations and creativity (and we’re sure a lot of tape and paint) will be flowing as they build with cardboard. We’ll have plenty of boxes for forts, castles, ships, and whatever else our campers dream up. Boring paint won’t do for these masterpieces, so we’ll splat, snap and bejewel to make them extra beautiful.

Dumpster Diving (Week 6 July 26 – July 30)

Inspired by the book Dumpster Diving, we will create new things out of recycled materials. Recycling, reusing, and repurposing seem to be the words of the day so let’s teach our little ones the importance of recycling by making it into fun and games.

Kaleidoscope Adventure (Week 7 August 2 – August 6)

Colors will explode through hands on art, literature, cooking and interactive science. It’s amazing how much fun and variety we can have with colors! We hope you’ll join us on this kaleidoscope adventure.