Welcoming new families to New Canaan and Toddlertime is a priority to us.  Barbara and Carolyn met in the Newcomers Club 20 years ago and have raised our children with #NCpride. We also employ 22 New Canaan women (as well as 10 others from nearby towns) who have a lot of experience raising children and living in New Canaan which we are happy to share! What draws most people to New Canaan is the sense of community and our goal is to extend that same sense of community to your preschool experience. We do that by hosting social events each month for you to get to know the other families and being available as your source about all things New Canaan. New this year is our New Family Mentor Program linking new families with those with more experience to help guide you and make your transition into New Canaan and our preschool smooth. If you would like to be matched with an existing family, please email [email protected]. #Toddlertimepride #NCpride