Nancy is absolutely the best. If I had to describe her in two words they would be “amazing” and “incredible.” I tell everyone I meet that, YES, they should enroll their child in TT’s 5 program because their child will be nurtured for an entire school year by the most incredible, loving, attentive, dedicated, and hardworking professional. From the amount of time and effort she puts into her lesson plans, to the photo she posts on the class Facebook page, to the amazing weekly write ups she emails the families, her enthusiasm for her work and the love for each child shines through and touches each member of our family. She knows each child so well – likes and dislikes, strengths and growth areas and works to foster a room in which they all can be nurtured to grow into the best that they can be, completely ready for life beyond TT. She makes learning fun and inspires each child to genuinely love what they are learning. She is also incredibly focused on “kindness” which is so important for kids of this age and acts of kindness have come home as well. There is no better kindness learning tool than “Code Polar Bear” or the “Auntie Clause” unit and the number one phrase that has come home and stuck with us all is: “There are no bad people. Just good people who make bad choices.” We want to thank Nancy for all that she has done for our son and our family; she has inspired us, taught us, and loved us and we couldn’t love her more.