Our tuition meets the cost of providing the highest quality preschool program in a safe environment taught by professionals trained in CPR and CT First Aid. Our highly qualified staff and low student to teacher ratio provide differentiated learning strategies to meet the needs and interests of each child. We offer an extended school year as well as additional vacation clubs designed for flexibility.

Payment Options for the 2017-2018 School Year:

  1. Annual Payment due with contract
  2. Bi-annual Payment 50% due with contract followed by 50% due September 15th
  3. ACH Payments 8 monthly payment automatically deducted from your bank account beginning the month of your contract. ACH payments require mandatory Tuition Refund Plan insurance.
  4. We can personalize a plan just for you.


2017-2018 Pricing:

177 Days of School

Twos Program $6,000 – $8,460
Threes Program $7,375 – $9,850
Fours Program $11,860
Fives Program $12,900