Open to the public
4 Mondays Starting January 23rd
$150 for the series
Click here to with questions or to register
Join Sue Groner, The Parenting Mentor to learn some simple strategies to help you be a happier, more relaxed parent. 

As her website says, “For all the joy it brings, being a parent is tough stuff. Every day, we face more challenges than we could ever know how to handle. So we stress. We hover. We see ourselves in our children’s every success; every failure. We ride the highs and lows because above all, we care. But if we’re not careful, it can overtake us- the anxiety, stress and constant desire to do the right thing.”

Each participant of the small group (max 8), will have opportunities to explore new ways of handling situations specific to their particular needs. For more information, click here to view Sue’s website. This class coordinates with our Monday afternoon enrichment from 3:30-5 so drop off your kids and spend some time focusing on yourself!